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Mike Myers, as Dr. Evil, mocks Sony and North Korea on SNL

Both the corporation and the nation have given evil organizations a bad name, says the comically malevolent doctor.

By December 21, 2014


Dr. Dre's 'Beats' headphones

Will his name make them worth $400?

By January 14, 2008


'Dr. Light' is not an iPod mutation

Despite appearances, it's just an LED alarm clock.

By October 31, 2007


Another keyboard for Dr. Octopus

Studio hardware with 280 "velocity sensitive" keys.

By October 16, 2007


A perfect keyboard for Dr. Octopus

Synthesizer sports 312 keys--count 'em.

By August 10, 2007


CD player would make Dr. Evil proud

Wall-mounted touch screen could be displayed in a museum

By December 26, 2006


'DrIron' makes wrinkles tremble in fear

This uber-dryer may have a hokey name, but it sounds awesome.

By December 5, 2007


A power tube amp for the arch villain

Chrome-finished gadget would make Dr. Evil proud.

By September 11, 2007


Music lounging for the arch villain

A surround-sound chair that Dr. Evil would lust after

By February 1, 2007


Short Take: Oracle names board members

Oracle has announced that Richard A. McGinn, president and COO of Lucent Technologies and Jeffrey Berg, chairman and CEO of International Creative Management, have been appointed to the company's board of directors. They join current board members Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, president Raymond Lane, COO Jeffrey O. Henley, Dr. Michael J. Boskin, Donald L. Lucas, and Jack Kemp.

By March 6, 1997