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Technical aspects of the DDoS attacks upon the Church of Scientology

One day saw 488 DDoS attacks, but Dr. Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks says they were mostly of the common, garden variety.

By January 25, 2008


Anthropologist: Apple is a religion

Dr. Kirsten Bell of the University of British Columbia suggests that Cupertino is the home of something resembling a faith-based organization.

By October 25, 2012


Clock ticks down on a verdict in Apple v. Samsung

Nine jurors are holed up in a San Jose, Calif., federal courthouse choosing the more convincing argument in a tech trial worth billions. How long could this go on?

By August 23, 2012


From Storm, with love

The Storm worm botnet is growing once again, this time using Valentine's Day-themed e-mails.

By February 14, 2008


Inside two toolkits helping Chinese hackers

A researcher looks inside two toolkits designed to help ordinary people launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against Western media sites.

By April 23, 2008


Where the botnets are

A leading security researcher identifies where in the world botnets are most active.

By December 4, 2007


Russia and Georgia continue attacks--online

Details are surfacing on the Internet side of the Russian and Georgian hostilities. Researchers studying botnets report an increase in attacks.

By August 12, 2008


No April Fools'--Storm worm is back

New spam campaign takes advantage of April Fools' Day in an effort to to infect more computers to become part of the larger Storm worm botnet.

By March 31, 2008


Kids, not Russian government, attacking Georgia's Net, says researcher

Attacks on Georgia's Internet may be the work of "overexcited" youths and not Russian officials, according to the Zero Day Emergency Response Team's founder.

By August 13, 2008


Comcast takes free anti-botnet service nationwide

Comcast customers whose computers are communicating with a known botnet control server will be alerted by the ISP.

By September 30, 2010