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Apple hires LG's OLED expert, iTV rumours set back in motion

Apple is reported to have hired an expert in OLED screens. Could he be set to work on the company's rumoured TV?

By February 9, 2013


Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1112: Rupert Murdoch battles infinity

Microsoft is apparently willing to pay Rupert Murdoch to block Google from indexing any of his company's Web sites. Are we headed toward a world where the search engine you use determines what news you get?

By November 23, 2009


Wikis get down to business

Can collaborative wiki software evolve from a geeky plaything into a solid business tool? That's what some companies aim to find out.

By July 25, 2006


Apple consulting jobs sliced

Restructures its iServices unit; separately, ex-CEO Gil Amelio finds a home.

By May 10, 2001


Dr. Gil has cure for the Wintel monopoly

I cut a deal with my son this weekend: if he cleaned up his bedroom, I'd clean up my email box.

October 14, 1996


Newsmakers Archive

Delve behind the headlines to meet the leading citizens of high technology's unique global village.

May 30, 2000


Gil and Ellen have left the building

News of the imminent departure of Gil Amelio and Ellen Hancock, Apple's undynamic duo, from the corridors of Cupertino, California, registered like a hurricane on my Skinnydar: big but not unexpected.

July 10, 1997


Apple's owners get the ugly truth

Whoever says Californians are a mellow, spiritual tribe should get his or her head out of the redwood forest and into a line of people waiting to buy a state Lotto ticket.

April 8, 1998


New supercomputer initiative

The government's ASCI program is intended to simulate nuclear testing while also transferring leading-edge technology to the marketplace.

February 4, 1998


Amelio: Promises made, not always kept

Recently departed Apple CEO Gil Amelio kept some of his pledges but failed on the one that really mattered: turning around the company's finances.

July 16, 1997