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Buy the only camera to go to the moon and back (allegedly)

An Austrian auction house will soon take bids on a camera it claims is the only handheld to come home from an Apollo mission.

By February 3, 2014


The profundity of seeing Earth from space

When astronauts gaze at our blue marble from up in space, they start to have strange feelings that perhaps no one on Earth can understand. The short film Overview describes what is known as the "Overview Effect".

By February 18, 2013


SEC probes possibly fraudulent Facebook pre-IPO sales

CNET has learned the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued subpoenas in investigation of fund that allegedly tried to sell 500,000 pre-IPO Facebook shares it may not have actually had.

By September 19, 2012


Google sums up: No 'shred of evidence' for patent claim

Google followed up with its closing arguments in phase two of the Oracle suit over Java, reiterating that it had no knowledge of Sun's patent portfolio.

By May 15, 2012


Oracle sums up: Google chose 'reckless' infringement

Oracle argues that just because Google says the Android team didn't know about Sun's patents didn't mean they didn't have access to them.

By May 15, 2012


Stanford University researchers break NuCaptcha video security

Borrowing from the field of machine vision, Stanford University researchers have discovered how to solve over 90 percent of NuCaptcha's are-you-a-human video challenges.

By February 17, 2012


NASA sues astronaut over Apollo 14 camera

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell tries to auction a lunar camera from his mission. NASA insists it is not his property and sues to get the camera back.

By June 30, 2011


New king of Donkey Kong crowned

Donkey Kong, the arcade game that dates back to the '80s and has launched numerous Mario related spinoffs, has a new world record high score.

By March 11, 2010


Astronaut reveals that aliens have better technology than humans

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has lifted the lid on alien visits to earth and their superior technology.

By July 24, 2008