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Caterpillar D7E hybrid dozer photos

In an effort to reduce emissions for construction equipment, Caterpillar created the hybrid D7E dozer. In developing the advanced drivetrain, Caterpillar realized many more benefits than just cleaner air, finding the efficient drivetrain gives the dozer better performance all-around.

13 Images By June 12, 2009


Caterpillar D7E: Move earth and save the Earth

CNET editor Wayne Cunningham gets to drive the first hybrid dozer, the Caterpillar D7E.

By June 12, 2009


Botnet worm in DOS attacks could wipe data out on infected PCs

Bots responsible for denial-of-service attacks on U.S. and Korean sites have instructions to wipe data, but so far there have been no reports of that happening.

By July 10, 2009


Marketing agency pretends it's the police on Twitter

An Australia company opens a Twitter account in the name of the New South Wales police, calling it a "social media experiment."

By May 26, 2009