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Better manage downloads in Chrome with Downloadr extension

Say goodbye to Chrome's download shelf at the bottom of the browser and instead access your downloads from a single button.

By March 17, 2014


Schedule downloads to start and stop in Firefox

Download Scheduler for Firefox gives you an extra context menu option to schedule specific downloads from the browser, much like if you were using a torrent manager. Set times to start and pause your downloads to suit your downloading needs.

August 23, 2013


Getting to know the new Firefox download manager

Firefox 20 has a new download manager. We'll show you how it works and how to switch back, if you prefer the old download manager.

By April 2, 2013


How to manage downloads in iTunes 11

The next time you go download a movie, TV show, or an app in iTunes 11, you might have some trouble finding the Downloads manager. Here's where you find it.

By December 3, 2012


How to accelerate downloads in Android

Time is precious, and download time even more so. Android's built-in download manager is pretty good, but it's not customizable and could be faster. AndroGET is a free app that speeds up downloads and gives users more control.

By January 27, 2012


Adobe plugs critical hole in Download Manager

Adobe fixes hole in Download Manager that could have allowed an attacker to install unauthorized software on a user's computer.

By February 23, 2010


Download Partition Manager 10.0 for free

Nothing makes my day like a good freebie, and Giveaway of the Day has a doozy: Paragon Software's robust partition-management utility, which normally costs $40.

By September 30, 2009


Oracle's acquisition of BEA is a big win for JBoss/Red Hat - the downloads don't lie

Oracle's acquisitive appetite is good for open source.

By January 16, 2008


Great free download to help manage your music

Mp3tag is a great way to edit song metadata and perform other maintenance tasks on large music libraries.

By November 29, 2007


Odds and Ends: Original links for AirPort Management Tools gone, download still available; FrameMaker petition

Odds and Ends: Original links for AirPort Management Tools gone, download still available; FrameMaker petition

By June 25, 2004