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Symantec W32.Downadup Removal Tool

Remove the conficker worm from your machine.

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Warning: "Conficker" worm may affect some Mac users

There is a new worm out called "Conficker" (also known as "Downadup" and "Kido") that has reportedly infected millions of Windows PCs. It has been detected by various antivirus companies and unfortunately it is suspected to become active tomorrow (April 1

By March 31, 2009


Conficker spreads as Waledec delivers mal-entine

The Conficker/Downadup worm continues spreading via a Windows hole and USB devices, while a Waledec worm tricks victims with Valentine e-mail.

By January 29, 2009


Expert: Worm spreading in many ways becoming an epidemic

The worm known as Kido, aka Conficker or Downadup, evolves to spread via removable devices and other means besides just exploiting a Windows vulnerability.

By January 15, 2009