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The 404 1,120: Where we pay you in nickels (podcast)

No, Samsung is not paying Apple its $1 billion fine in truckloads of nickels. Not everything you read on the Internet is true, but unfortunately this statistic is: 51 percent of people believe stormy weather will interfere with cloud computing. We'll sort through the truth and lies on today's 404 episode.

By August 29, 2012


Philips Cineos 32PFL9603: Bonnet de douche, Rodney

Philips brought a little culture to the office today with a TV in a box with some French on it, and inside, a rather fetching 32-inch 1080p TV with Ambilight

By August 22, 2008


The 404 301: Where we defect to Canada with Debbie from Toronto

debbiefromtoronto from the chat room joins The 404 today all the way from Canada. Of course, she brings her special Canadian goodies, like ketchup potato chips and Smarties, on to the show.

By March 18, 2009


The 404 284: Where Heavy & Flo thank Mr. Roboto for his pencil

Heavy & Flo return to the show. It's supposed to be a monthly thing, but our schedule is a little erratic. Just be thankful we're not pregnant. They're up to their usual high-jinks because Daddy Bakalar is out of town to keep us in check.

By February 23, 2009