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ICANN: No dotless domains for you, Google

The organization in charge of a major overhaul of Internet addresses passes a resolution prohibiting so-called dotless domain names.

By August 16, 2013


ICANN's next decision: Deleting the dot from new domains?

"Dotless" top-level domains accessed by going to "http://news" or "http://music" are likely to be off-limits for technical reasons. ICANN is accepting comments through Sunday.

By September 19, 2012


Short Take: Patch available for IE "dotless" bug

Microsoft has posted a patch for a recently discovered security bug in its Internet Explorer browser. The IE "dotless" bug lets a malicious Web site operator use a form of IP address without dots to make the browser behave as though it has accessed a site within a local network, rather than on the public Internet. Users who have changed the intranet Security Zone from the default setting are at risk. The patch is posted to the Windows Update site for Windows 98 users, and the Microsoft security site for non-Windows 98 users.

By October 26, 1998