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Pets.com gives a blast from the dot bomb past

As Twitter debuts on the New York Stock Exchange, Pets.com and its sock puppet mascot remember the anniversary of one of the biggest busts of the dot-com bubble.

By November 7, 2013


Recession Camp--the cure for dot-bomb blues

The volunteer support group helps unemployed dot-commers survive the technology sector's downturn, largely by arranging social events where tech talk is off-limits.

August 22, 2001


Finding gold in dot-bombs' idle software

An online spinoff of the nearly 100-year-old liquidation company Gordon Brothers intends to resell or license software mostly from defunct technology companies.

By August 20, 2001


Dot-bomb fallout: Finding life in the dust

Don't turn out the lights just yet, writes TopicalNet co-founder John Mucci: The minds that fueled the dot-com revolution still have plenty of drive left.

August 1, 2001