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Worm spreading on Skype IM installs ransomware

Malware is downloaded onto users' machines after they click on the message "lol is this your new profile pic?"

By October 8, 2012


Photos: At SXSW, Dorkbot fetes geekery

Hundreds turn out for Dorkbot, a celebration of makers and electronic geekery that takes place in cities around the world.

11 Images By March 15, 2009


Scott Beale on 15 years of Laughing Squid (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Over the last 15 years, Scott Beale has turned Laughing Squid into one of the most important places to find out and see what's going on in tech and interactive culture.

By November 17, 2010


Arc Attack's tesla coils rock SXSW

At Dorkbot in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, the local group had its singing tesla coils turned up loud, thrilling the crowd that came for a celebration of science and geekery.

By March 14, 2009


ArcAttack brings singing Tesla coils to the masses

The group has mixed the singing Tesla coils they've had for some time with a PVC pipe organ, a robotic drum set, and original music.

By April 17, 2008


The singing tesla coils

At Dorkbot at South by Southwest in Austin, The Geek Boys showed off their singing tesla coils.

By March 10, 2007


Holy smokes, SXSW is weird

Seen at SXSW: Robots, lightsabers, and underwear.

By March 10, 2007