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Lights! Neurons! Action! Binge-drinking lab rats go cold turkey

A new study using light to target and stimulate specific neurons in lab rats trained to drink much the way human binge-drinkers do finds the rodents "flat out stopped drinking."

By Jan. 6, 2014


Shock: Research says pot makes you lazy (but not psychotic)

Scientists in London conclude that smoking your favored leaf cools down your dopamine-synthesis skills. Their initial hypothesis was that pot contributed to psychosis, which they now doubt.

By Jul. 1, 2013


Nifty stem-cell engineering sheds light on Parkinson's disease

Researchers turned skin cells from Parkinson's patients into brain cells and used them to untangle the workings of one form of the disease.

By Feb. 9, 2012


Science secrets of the scariest haunted houses

ScareHouse taps into neuroscience to take the experience from spooky to psychological thriller. Some visitors get so freaked they end up using their safe word.

By Oct. 31, 2013


Scientists help paralyzed rats walk by 'waking up' spinal cords

A five-year study out of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology demonstrates that a simple chemical cocktail can revive the "innate intelligence" of the spinal column in rats.

By Jun. 4, 2012


Research: Web porn stops men from performing

Studies show that Internet porn images are so desensitizing that many men in their 20s believe low libido is "normal."

By Oct. 22, 2011


Boasting on Facebook 'can feel as good as sex'

A team from Harvard -- where else? -- delves deep into the emotions that surround "self-disclosure." The conclusion is that it is positively orgasmic.

By May. 10, 2012


The 404 983: Where we keep the change (podcast)

The saddest part of the rumor about celebrities getting paid thousands of dollars to send corporate-sponsored Tweets is that it's true. It started with Internship.com paying Charlie Sheen $50,000 to solicit "Tiger Blood" interns, and today we're exploring the number of ways celebrities make money on the side.

By Jan. 31, 2012


Wanna get high listening to music--upgrade your hi-fi!

The music's not moving you like it used to? The Audiophiliac knows why.

By Oct. 30, 2007


Antidepressants don't work for you? This could be why

What causes depression has been oversimplified, resulting in drugs that treat stress but not necessarily depression, according to new research out of Northwestern University.

By Oct. 27, 2009