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doof: Converging gaming and social networking

Doof, says company spokesman Devang Chouhan, is all about "playing games and meeting people" -- in other words: fun. The UK-based "social gaming" start-up aims to mesh aspects of multi-layer online gaming with social networking, providing a highly persona

By December 27, 2007


Doof mixes up Flash Web games with just about everything

More Flash games to waste your time away. This time it's Doof.

By November 28, 2007


Digital radio: In the pink or just in the red?

Yes, digital radio is here and it does sound better than FM. But it will hardly change the world of radio overnight.

By September 13, 2009


Who'll be on the Vista at midnight?

The first copy of Windows Vista will be sold as the clock ticks over to midnight on Monday. So who's rocking up to the late-night launch?

By January 22, 2007


Creating your own cone of silence

Everyone who travels on any form of transport needs noise-cancelling headphones. Here's why.

By October 24, 2006