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Does it still make sense to build your own computer?

In the old days, there was often an economic advantage. Today it's the dominion of a few passionate hobbyists. Has the DIY PC era come to an end?

By May 15, 2013


Sky Player coming to Humax's Freeview HD boxes, extending dominion

The Sky Player service will come to the Humax HD-FOX T2 and DVB-T2 HD Digital Recorder in the coming months, and we're darned pleased to hear it

By April 14, 2010


From coal to biomass for some Virginia power

Dominion Virginia Power makes a deal with biomass manufacturer Enviva as the energy company converts a few coal power plants to burn wood pellets.

By October 19, 2011


MySpace drawing 'older' visitors, study finds

Once the dominion of the teen set, site now sees majority of U.S. visitors from the 35-or-older crowd.

By October 5, 2006


The Active Network scores $11 million

The Active Network has raised an $11 million third round after its merger with Myteam.com. Previous investors Canaan Partners and DB Capital Venture Partners led the rounds, which included investments from Austin Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Dominion Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners and Ticketmaster. La Jolla, Calif.-based Active Network has raised a total of $111 million as a combined company. The company provides online registration for amateur sports and recreation events.

By December 19, 2001


Veritas expanding software to new turf

The company wants to spread its software dominion from the core servers found deep within corporate networks to lesser but still important computers.

By June 3, 2001


Arula to launch remote access gear

Arula Systems, a Hewlett-Packard spinoff company that develops equipment for remotely managing servers and other devices, will introduce next week two new products aimed at Web hosting and data center customers. The company's products allow a user to remotely turn a server on or off, among other functions. Arula's new Dominion x1 and Cerebus x16 will begin shipping May 29. The two products are the company's first to incorporate its UAP-IT management software, which allows custom scripts to be written to notify network personnel when a server or other device is not working properly--among other features. Arula, which claims major Web hosting firm Exodus Communications among its customers, is targeting the market for hosting companies and managed service providers, which install, monitor and maintain servers and other Internet gear for businesses. Arula offers similar features to NOCPulse, among many other start-ups targeting the hosting market.

May 25, 2001


Building the Silicon Dominion

When travelers cross state lines into Virginia, the "Welcome" sign might as well read: "Thank you for leaving Silicon Valley." At least, that's the message Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore wants to send.

March 3, 1999


Symmorphix gets $13 million for gear

Symmorphix said Tuesday it received $13 million for purchasing equipment, with Dominion Capital Management as the lead investor along with GATX Ventures and Third Coast Capital. Symmorphix, a components maker that provides amplification where needed in an optical network, plans to use the funds to buy manufacturing equipment and expand its facilities. In November, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company received $25 million in first round funding from Battery Ventures and Crescendo Partners.

By April 24, 2001


P2P company gets $20 million in funding

Utah-based NextPage, whose technology enables file servers to talk to each other, says it has raised about $20 million in its second round of financing. The company received funding from Oak Investment Partners, ePartners, Dominion Ventures and Amp Capital Partners. NextPage said the funding will be used to increase the adoption of its peer-to-peer content networking platform. The company also appointed Ann Lamont of Oak Investment and John Stevens of Amp Capital to its board of directors.

January 25, 2001