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Dojo's Pebble will monitor smart home metadata in an effort to stop digital security breaches.

By November 19, 2015

MSRP: $199.00


At Hacker Dojo, Silicon Valley techies build toward success

Since August 2009, a funky industrial space in Mountain View, Calif., has become a home away from home for more than 200 people looking for a community of like-minded techies.

By April 4, 2011


A day at the Hacker Dojo (photos)

Road Trip at Home: Hacker spaces are all the rage. In Silicon Valley, the Hacker Dojo has become one of the hottest.

15 Images By April 4, 2011


Hackers caught cheating in virtual stock market game

Members of the Hacker Dojo community ran an illegitimate script to help colleagues win the Startup Bus Stock Market game. When they were found out, the ill-gotten gains were taken away.

By March 13, 2011


Audio Slideshow: Hackers use tech to solve disaster relief challenges

At Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, Calif., developers come together with NASA, the World Bank, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to exchange emergency response ideas.

By November 16, 2009