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Dish sued by FTC over 'Do Not Call' rules

The satellite TV provider faces a lawsuit over charges that it called consumers who had asked to be taken off their call list.

By August 24, 2012


Congress bars 'automatic removal' of Do-Not-Call list numbers

Bill overturns 2003 federal rules requiring Americans to reregister their digits every five years or face unwanted telemarketer calls. It now goes to the president for final approval.

By February 7, 2008


Court upholds Do Not Call list

A federal court decision upholding the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list helps to clear the way for a do-not-e-mail list as well.

By February 17, 2004


Do Not Call list tops 50 million phones

Enforcement of the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call list starts Oct. 1, and millions of households are ready to hear the sound of silence.

By September 17, 2003


Spam foes wary of do-not-call suits

Even as the do-not-spam plan gains traction among e-mail users and on Capitol Hill, a lawsuit against the proposed do-not-call list could nip the idea in the bud.

By July 29, 2003


Hanging up on telemarketers

As it celebrates its first anniversary, the Do Not Call list seems to be a winner for consumers. Are there lessons for e-mail?

By October 1, 2004


Study: Do-not-spam plan winning support

A new study finds that Americans overwhelmingly support a federal do-not-spam list similar to the do-not-call list that goes into effect this fall.

July 23, 2003


Sprint to cash in on telemarketers

A new service from the company helps telemarketers avoid steep fines by preventing them from calling people who have signed a "do not call" list.

By April 29, 2003


Californians swamp anti-telemarketer site

Web surfers are flocking to a new site that lets residents in the state add their names and numbers to a national "do not call" list being compiled by the FTC.

By April 1, 2003