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iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 won't go all curvy, say analysts

Limited production of curved displays will leave the screens of the next iPhone and Galaxy phone flat, reports The Korea Herald. Will buyers care?

By December 23, 2013


Samsung eyes phones with foldable displays in 2015

The company plans to move from curved to bendable displays and eventually to ones that can be folded.

By November 6, 2013


Samsung won't talk settlement with Apple? Yeah, right

Samsung's says it won't negotiate a settlement deal with Apple in its wide-reaching legal battle. Legal watchers think otherwise.

By November 14, 2012


Samsung says it needs to improve software

Samsung's boss has said the company needs to focus on software. Is he right?

By June 18, 2012


Would Samsung ever leave Android? New CEO drops hints

The pressure is likely on for Samsung to develop its own operating system now that Google has officially acquired Motorola Mobility, which means its Android partner will also be a competitor.

By June 18, 2012


With Surface, Microsoft picks a fight with its closest partners

If the newly unveiled Surface tablets are a hit, where will that leave Microsoft's many Windows 8 allies?

By June 19, 2012


Hyundai goes high-tech with Sonata, its first hybrid

Automotive News reports on Hyundai's Sonata Hybrid.

By July 21, 2010


Adieu to the old-fashioned desktop computer?

Tae-Hyun "Tiger" Cho, CEO of Averatec, says the all-in-one PC is the way of the future.

By April 28, 2009


Hyundai: Drive train key to more mpg

Automotive New reports on new transmissions from Hyundai.

By October 3, 2008


Behind on hybrids, Hyundai sets high goals

Automotive New reports on Hyundai's plans for hybrids.

By September 30, 2008