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PolyFuel to demo methanol fuel cell laptop

Company converts a laptop to run with a direct methanol fuel cell, a technology that some consumer electronics makers are showing interest in.

By July 17, 2008


Sharp, MIT make strides in methanol fuel cells

Sharp claims a breakthrough in developing fuels cells for consumer devices, while MIT develops a material to improve efficiency by 50 percent.

By May 17, 2008


The best fuel cell company you've never seen

Discussion of fuel cell company Smart Fuel Cells

By April 22, 2008


Q&A: Micro fuel cell promise

Interview with Peng Lim, CEO of MTI MicroFuel Cells.

By December 7, 2007


Fuel cells big and small in the news

Glaskowsky surveys recent news stories about hydrogen fuel cells, including how BMW and Ford are using them.

By August 19, 2007


A fuel cell to gas up your MP3 player

Toshiba uses methanol to keep a hard-drive-based audio player running for approximately 60 hours on a single charge. Photos: Fuel cells for music players

By September 16, 2005


Photos: New in nanotech

At Nano Tech 2005 in Tokyo, 350 companies from around the globe tout the latest and greatest in tiny tech.

February 23, 2005


Toshiba claims fuel cell breakthrough

The latest prototype fuel cell is about the size of a thumb and could be commercially deployed within two years.

By June 25, 2004


Membrane could rev up fuel cell industry

Start-up PolyFuel releases a membrane for creating fuel cells for laptops and cell phones, a milestone in the budding fuel cell industry.

By January 18, 2004


Toshiba to showcase fuel cell prototype

The company next week plans to exhibit a battery alternative that it said has the potential to replace environmentally taxing, rechargeable batteries with clean-energy technology.

March 5, 2003