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Uber's roadmap: 50,000 new jobs in Europe

The ride-sharing company has its sights set on Europe, where it wants to expand its UberPool service and reduce the number of cars on the road.

By January 18, 2015


How Big Brother's going to peek into your connected home

The tech industry easily convinced the public to accept a myriad of free services for the price of some loss of privacy. But getting them to embrace the smart home is going to be a far harder sell.

By February 5, 2014


Jimmy Wales joins The People's Operator, looks to US launch

The Wikipedia co-founder becomes co-chair of UK-based TPO, which raises money for charity and is looking to launch internationally.

By January 20, 2014


Tumblr an online powerhouse, hits 15B monthly pageviews

The microblogging service is also currently servicing 120 million unique visitors each month, according to its founder and CEO David Karp.

By January 23, 2012


Facebook touts its economic muscle--but only counts the good stuff

The company claims it created 15.3 billion euros in European economic activity in 2011, but only included its positive contributions.

By January 24, 2012


New EU data protection rules due this week

Companies would be required to immediately disclose breaches, and individuals would get the "right to be forgotten" under a European Union proposal.

By January 22, 2012


CES: Lady Gaga can't get enough of tech

The typically wildly dressed pop singer, who is scheduled to appear at the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, keeps showing up at tech gatherings.

By January 5, 2010


Utilities Updates: Drop Drawers; Default App; FavorStrip; more

Utilities Updates: Drop Drawers; Default App; FavorStrip; more

By August 16, 1999