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Diving into the smartwatches of CES 2014

CNET's Scott Stein and Bridget Carey take a look at the Pebble Steel and Hot Watch, two smart watches making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show.

By Jan. 8, 2014


Scuba diving trumps surfing on Saturn's Titan moon

Headlines described the sighting of waves on Titan this week, but it's really still smooth sailing on the impressively deep lakes of the Earth-ish moon.

By Mar. 20, 2014


Diving into the Leap Motion Controller (pictures)

Curious how motion control works with the little Leap Motion Controller? Check out it (and its apps) close up.

24 Images By Jul. 22, 2013


Diving deep into the beastly LG G2 (pictures)

We take a closer look at the globally unlocked LG G2 smartphone, which features a blazing-fast quad-core CPU and a 13-megapixel camera.

12 Images By Aug. 30, 2013


Mood glasses for your psyche: diving into PSiO

We give the trippy PSiO AudioVisual Stimulation System a spin at CE Week: flashing colors and immersive audio combine in an effort to "rejuvenate" and relieve stress.

By Jul. 1, 2013


Diving for Coral-bots to repair the world's dying reefs

A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to fund autonomous underwater robots that will navigate the depths to repair threatened coral reefs.

By Apr. 17, 2013


Diving into Lenovo's 7-inch, A-series tablets (pictures)

Lenovo unveiled two 7-inch, Android Jelly Bean tablets, called the A1000 and the A3000, at Mobile World Congress 2013.

10 Images By Feb. 24, 2013


Diving into the Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 (pictures)

Delivering 9 inches of Android 4.0 tablet goodness, the Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 is a snappy quad-core tablet.

6 Images By Oct. 5, 2012


Diving into the LifeProof Armband/Swimband (pictures)

It's comfortable and built to last, but think carefully about the LifeProof Armband/Swimband's heft and prohibitively high cost.

5 Images By Aug. 3, 2012


Diving into sous vide cooking with the AquaChef

The AquaChef Professional Water Oven by Kitchen Advance offers an affordable way to explore the world of sous vide cooking.

By Jun. 1, 2012