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Floppy diskettes reborn in fashion

Recycled and turned into flowers, floppy diskettes find a new home on a bracelet.

By August 1, 2008


This chic gives geeks a bad name

Neglected diskettes make an unfashionable comeback.

By November 15, 2006


"Love"-like virus found on diskette

Philippine officials find a virus on a seized computer diskette that is similar to the "I Love You" worm that snarled email worldwide.

By May 16, 2000


New drive reformats floppies

QPS has released its Que SuperDisk 240MB portable drive for PCs and Macs. According to Anaheim, Calif.-based QPS, the new drive can reformat a standard 1.44MB floppy diskette to 32MB--22 times the original capacity. The $179 drive is compatible with standard USB and USB 2.0 and measures 1 inch by 4.4 inches by 5.7 inches. It is designed for SuperDisk 240MB media but is compatible with LS-120MB, l.44MB and 720K floppy diskettes.

By June 13, 2001


Short Take: NEC notebooks to get LS-120 diskettes

NEC will use LS-120 diskette technology as a standard feature in some of its Versa notebook computers. LS-120 technology offers capacity of 120 megabytes, enables file-sharing, and reads and writes standard 1.44MB diskettes. The notebooks will appear as early as this summer.

By June 16, 1997


Short Take: Imation SuperDisk drive gets USB capability

Imation and Panasonic will develop a "plug-and-play" version of a floppy drive that accommodates 120MB disks. On the heels of Apple's announcing its universal serial bus-compatible iMac desktop, the two companies said they will come out with a USB SuperDisk drive that can read and write 120MB, 1.44MB, and 720K diskettes in either PC or Macintosh format.The drive is due in August, the same time as the iMac.

May 11, 1998


Iomega sues Nomai, again

The charges are the latest salvo in an ongoing battle, which thus far has been fought in Western Europe, over 100MB diskettes.

By September 30, 1997