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Signature Kitchen Suite Fully-Integrated Dishwasher UPDF9904ST

Part of the launch of a new premium brand of appliances from LG, the Signature Dishwasher touts sleek looks and a very quiet sound rating.

By January 19, 2016

MSRP: $1,699.00

Editors' Take

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher

Debuting at CES 2016, the company's new connected dishwasher works with Amazon Dash and can be controlled based on Nest's settings.

By January 4, 2016

MSRP: $949.00


​Appliance Science: How dishwasher detergents digest food stains

Your dishwasher is, in many ways, a biological device, because the detergent you put into it uses enzymes -- the same enzymes that you find in your stomach. Appliance Science looks at the biology of dishwasher detergents.

By March 16, 2016


Yes, you need to clean your dishwasher. Here's how

Get your dishwasher sparkling clean with these tips.

By February 3, 2016


Rinse vs. scrape: The verdict is in on this dishwasher debate

Should you rinse or scrape before putting dishes in the dishwasher?

By January 26, 2016


10 dishwasher mistakes to avoid

Dishes not getting clean? It may not be the dishwasher, it may be you.

11 Images By January 7, 2016


Time to do the dishes: How we test dishwashers

It's a dirty job, but we get paid to do it. Check out how we put the cleaning prowess of dishwashers to the test.

By December 29, 2015


LG's black stainless dishwasher is a lovable problem child

The $1,200 LG LDT9965BD matches a premium look with a powerful clean, but it's a pain to use.

By December 29, 2015


Take a closer look at how we test dishwashers (pictures)

Ever wonder what goes into testing a dishwasher? Check out our pictures of the process.

18 Images By December 29, 2015


Performance and price stain an otherwise appealing dishwasher from GE

GE's Profile Series dishwasher has useful features, but the GE PDT750SSFSS is a $1,200 machine that cleans like a midrange model.

By December 29, 2015