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A big Super Bowl question: Love the doberhuahua?

In an attempt to disdain compromise, Audi offers you a dog from Hell for its new A3.

By February 2, 2014


Prince: An iPhone? Hell, no

The famous and very pretty musician expresses disdain for the idea of even owning a cell phone. Can this truly be?

By July 5, 2013


How to boycott SOPA with Android

Do you want to show your disdain for SOPA with your voting dollars? We'll show you how to boycott SOPA with Android.

By January 18, 2012


US Patent & Trademark Office spoiling for a patent fight

The US PTO has a growing disdain for software patents.

By July 29, 2008


Stallman: Chrome OS is 'careless computing'

Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman, who has spoken out about his disdain for cloud computing in the past, extends his criticism to Chrome OS in a recent interview.

By December 14, 2010


Subterranean proprietary software blues, Part 1

Talking with a customer today left a bad aftertaste in my mouth for how the proprietary software model encourages vendors to treat customers with shabby disdain. So, I unleash. Then reload.

By August 2, 2007


The 404 172: Where it's twenty-O eight

What should we call this decade? The "aughts"? Come 2011, will we be in the "teens"? Audiophiliac blogger Steve Guttenberg philosophizes on the show today and shows off his math skills before abandoning all human decency in his disdain for Eric Clapton. A

By August 27, 2008


San Francisco puts brakes on parking auction app

City attorney says MonkeyParking's business model is illegal and creating a "predatory" market for parking spaces.

By June 23, 2014


The excuse of the wicked: The app ate my Mother's Day gift

In study of how well people planned for Mother's Day, 10 percent of respondents say they'll use a dud app as an excuse.

By May 10, 2014


This is how great it feels when Microsoft respects you

It's not easy becoming a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. When it happens, your love life improves and your sense of self soars. As this video shows.

By October 1, 2013