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Barnes & Noble discontinuing 3G Nook?

Engadget claims that Barnes & Noble is phasing out the 3G Nook. Does that mean a new Nook is coming?

By Jan. 24, 2011


Microsoft discontinuing midmarket server

Company is axing its Windows Essential Business Server, a combination of server software aimed at midsize businesses.

By Mar. 5, 2010


Apple discontinuing HomePage file sharing November 8

Through the various changes to Apple's online services (iTools, .Mac, and MobileMe), Apple still retained the option to access photos, movies, and other shared files via Web sites created in the older .Mac "home page" feature, but in an e-mail announcement to .Mac subscribers this morning, Apple announced it will be discontinuing this support on November 8.

By Oct. 8, 2010


Microsoft nixes Surface wireless keyboard adapter

Microsoft is no longer making the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapters that the company introduced in September 2013.

By Mar. 26, 2014


ESPN to drop 3D channel in 2013

ESPN has confirmed it will cease broadcasting its 3D channel by the end of the year and will focus on new technologies such as 4K.

By Jun. 12, 2013


HP rumoured to launch big budget blowers in the next week

HP's much-rumoured return to the smart phone game could come sooner than we were expecting.

By Dec. 26, 2013


Use your browser for cross-platform instant messaging

If you want to keep in touch with all your friends and coworkers, you don't have to jump around from one service to another.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Report: EA to scrap Online Passes for games

The service is being dropped after tepid player response, according to a report from VentureBeat.

By May. 16, 2013


TweetDeck mobile and AIR apps to go dark on May 7

Twitter is laying to rest several versions of the power-user-friendly tool.

By Apr. 19, 2013


Logitech looks to lay off 140 employees as trouble persists

The company's workforce reduction is equal to about 5 percent of its total worldwide employee base.

By Mar. 1, 2013