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Bits and Bytes: New G5 cooler disassembly guide; 10.6.4 Server update v1.1

The PowerMac G5 was the first system developed by Apple that came with a liquid cooling mechanism for the models with higher-clocked dual PowerPC chips. In most systems, this cooling system worked well. To this day, my system has not shown any problems; however, some systems had an issue where coolant leaked, causing corrosion and shorting out mainboard components.

By July 23, 2010


Google denies disassembling Vista software

Search giant says it didn't use reverse-engineering method to bring a security feature to its browser on Windows XP. But it defends disassembly as an aid for software compatibility.

By September 19, 2008


Disassembled electric appliances

Ever wondered what the inside of your waffle maker looks like? Yes? No? Well, even if not, you might be surprised how interesting small electric appliances are when you take them apart.

By August 25, 2008


Replace your iPod Mini battery - Disassemble the iPod Mini

Step 3: Taking apart the iPod Mini is easier than you think. We'll show you how to take your MP3 player apart without destroying it.

May 21, 2008


Wads: Pen and spitwad launcher combo, together at last

A designer turns his childhood obsession for making spitwad launchers into a Kickstarter project.

By October 18, 2013


Google Chrome's open-source ally: Microsoft

This post initially mischaracterized the method Google used to figure out how to employ a Windows Vista security feature.

By September 19, 2008


First glimpse at the inside of Apple's new iMac line

The 21.5-inch model, which went on sale today, has been broken down and gutted for others to see.

By November 30, 2012


Eight Ferraris brawl with a Prius on a Japanese highway

To the dismay of car enthusiasts everywhere, this video shows the aftermath of a supercar pile-up in Japan that claimed eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, a couple of Mercedes-Benzes, and a Prius.

By December 5, 2011


Keep your Mac's screws from bolting

Screws that keep coming loose after servicing a Mac can be frustrating, but luckily this common problem has an easy solution.

By March 28, 2013


Scrap metal gets new life as robot night lights

Artist Tal Avitzur combs California scrapyards for bits of old brass and reimagines them as robots. The LED-blinking night lights, which contain parts like taxidermy animal eyes, can lend a surreal cast to a corner of your bedroom.

By October 15, 2012