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Inside CNET Labs: Lamenting DirectX 10

Lamenting the current state of DirectX 10, why it will take a while to see true DX10 games, and why CNET Labs doesn't benchmark with DX10 games yet.

By July 26, 2007


E3 2007: Instructive meeting with Sierra sheds some light on short-term DirectX 10

Breakdown of two upcoming games and their graphics features.

By July 13, 2007


E3 2007: Candid developer discussion about DirectX 10

As Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford tells us, we'll be in a mostly DirectX 9 world for a while yet.

By July 12, 2007


Intriguing theory on DirectX 10 and its absence from Windows XP

Link to an Inquirer story about DX10

By July 11, 2007


Finally, a game to show off your DirectX 10 graphics card

'Lost Planet' demo arrives.

By May 16, 2007


Seven days of Vista -- day 5: DirectX 10 pimps your gaming

Day five is all about the games, and disproving the myth that Windows-based machines are for boring old flatulists

By January 29, 2007


More DirectX 10 info comes to light

More DirectX 10 info comes to light

By June 29, 2006


How we test: Desktops

Learn about CNET's testing procedures for desktops.

By February 12, 2014


At long last, a credible 3D gaming chip from Intel

After years of false promises, Intel finally has a viable CPU for low-end PC gaming.

By April 23, 2012


Apple slated AMD chip for MacBook Air?

Apple rumors are always interesting because it's about Apple--probably the most closely watched computer and device company in the world. This AMD rumor is just that--a rumor.

By November 17, 2011