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Buzz Out Loud 1178: Steve Jobs smash (podcast)

On today's show, Apple wants to wipe all HTC phones from the face of the earth, apparently because Steve Jobs is just grouchy about this whole business. Donald and Molly engage in a nice long talk about the validity of software patents.

By March 4, 2010


Ow My Balls for iPhone: Make Joe hurt

A 99 cent iPhone game that incorporates gravity simulation, funny sound effects, and dystopian black humor is now available at the App Store.

By May 6, 2009


DirecTV on your computer?

DirecTV's HDPC-20 offers the promise of watching and streaming its programming directly from your computer.

By September 17, 2008


Clever commercial, Comcast...but you're wrong

Cable company is taken to task over a misleading advertisement about how its high-definition programming compares with that of satellite TV provider DirecTV.

By September 8, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 681: Pi Not Pie

Today is March 14, also known as Pi day, and all we can think about is celebrating by eating large amounts of apple pie. Verizon seems to be warming up to P2P technology, and the music industry is proposing a monthly fee for ISPs to offset the cost of pi

By March 14, 2008


Warner Bros. tests emerging tech in new facility

Studio builds new media center to test how consumers respond to Warner content on Web sites, handheld devices, and VOD services.

By February 22, 2008


Episode 614: CyberCommand is go

Can the Air Force CyberCommand station withstand Molly's magnetic field? And is Google just one big popularity contest?

By November 30, 2007


Rumor: DirectTV in your Xbox 360?

By February 17, 2006


Viiv pairs with DirectTV, GameTap

Viiv pairs with DirectTV, GameTap

By January 10, 2006


XM-Sirius price drops ahead

Post-merger reductions announced.

By July 23, 2007