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Twitter's board of directors: Tweeters need not apply

Half of Twitter's board members don't appear to have much interest in tweeting themselves.

By Dec. 5, 2013


Third Point: Gunning for Yahoo's board of directors

While Yahoo's beleaguered CEO waits for someone to get his back, Third Point has a bigger target in its sights.

By May. 5, 2012


Zynga adds ex-Yahoo exec Ellen Siminoff to board of directors

The founding executive at Web pioneer Yahoo is the first woman to sit on the social-game publisher's board.

By Jul. 19, 2012


Nasdaq hackers spied on company directors, report says

Reuters says that the hackers were able to spy on company directors by targeting the Nasdaq's Web-based software, Directors Desk.

By Oct. 21, 2011


Netflix shareholders to vote on directors, exec pay

Video-rental service schedules annual stakeholders meeting for June. Compensation for company's executives will be discussed.

By Apr. 20, 2011


3D means new rules for directors

Say good-bye to 3D effects that call attention to themselves. The technology is set to fade into the background as directors strive to use 3D to involve the viewer in a story, not show off what they can do.

By Jun. 18, 2009


This Day in Tech: Patent turns into a first-to-file system; two directors leave Twitter

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET News for Friday, September 16.

By Sep. 16, 2011


Carl Icahn resigns from Yahoo board of directors

In a little over a year on Yahoo's board, Icahn helped hire CEO Carol Bartz and orchestrate the pending search deal with Microsoft.

By Oct. 23, 2009


Google CEO joins Apple's board of directors

Google CEO joins Apple's board of directors

By Aug. 29, 2006


Yahoo reportedly settled on Icahn directors

This story incorrectly transposed the backgrounds of Frank Biondi and Edward Meyer.

Read the updated story here.

By Aug. 12, 2008