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Yahoo Directory -- once the firm's cornerstone -- to shut down

The service will shut down on December 31 -- just one of more than 60 products that the company has discontinued over the past two years.

By September 26, 2014


How to save to hidden directories in OS X

Accessing a hidden folder from within an application may be tricky, but can be overcome using a simple Finder trick.

By March 17, 2014


Twitter makes account searches easier with Profiles Directory

Aiming to have user accounts show up more often in various search engines, the social network develops a directory tool.

By October 8, 2012


How to manually verify copied files in OS X

If you would like to verify two copies of files or two mirrored directories, there are some Terminal commands that will let you do just that.

By March 20, 2013


List an OS X folder hierarchy with TextWrangler

If you need to get a structured list of the directories in a folder, TextWrangler can do that.

By March 13, 2013


AT&T sheds directories, advertising business

The telecommunications giant is selling the assets to Cerberus, but will get a 47 percent stake in the new venture.

By April 9, 2012


About the OS X ByHost preferences directory

Most preferences in OS X are stored directly in the user's Preferences folder; however, within this folder is a directory called ByHost that contains other commonly used preferences.

By February 9, 2012


Ouch! Yahoo ordered to pay $2.7B in Mexican lawsuit

The suit, brought by Worldwide Directories S.A. de C.V. and Ideas Interactivas, S.A. de C.V., accused Yahoo of breach of contract related to a yellow-pages listing service.

By November 30, 2012


Remove stubborn user accounts with Directory Utility

If you have accounts in OS X that the system stubbornly refuses to remove, there are some things you can try.

By November 16, 2011


Options for changing folders in the OS X Terminal

One common routine in the OS X Terminal is entering file paths to change directories among other options, and OS X provides several means for doing this.

By August 13, 2012