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SAASPASS - Two-Factor Authentication Security - (with Authenticator Mobile Two-Step Verification 2FA Software Token & Secure Single Sign-On SSO & One-Time Password & Soft OTP)

Two-Factor Authentication, one-time passwords and two-step verification and security for you, employees, companies, developers, admins and...

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In a pinch, GoDaddy and Typepad let a customer down

A blogger at StillSecure has frustrations with GoDaddy and TypePad

By August 18, 2008


Don't get screwed by Microsoft Office Live Small Business

How to insure that your domain is, in fact, your domain

By February 14, 2008


How to fire a webmaster

And not get your website defaced in the process.

By January 9, 2008


What is Network Solutions afraid of?

Network Solutions registers domain names and keeps the procedure for transferring to another registrar a secret.

By August 5, 2007


Survey: Are domain registrars free-speech friendly?

MySpace successfully pressured one registrar into pulling the plug on a domain after a password list appeared. Would others follow suit?

By February 2, 2007


Perens pushes open-source domain parking

Irked that a major domain reseller moved to Windows, open-source advocate Bruce Perens calls for more Apache support.

By April 19, 2006


Blog offers rare glimpse inside the chaos

Employees holed up in a New Orleans skyscraper document the aftermath of Katrina using an online journal and Webcam. Photos: Anarchy in New Orleans

By September 2, 2005