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'Dilbert' creator uses fake ID to tell Web he's great--report

It seems Scott Adams, the man behind Dilbert, might have a thin skin. He has reportedly confessed to going onto a message board and using a fake handle to address his critics.

By Apr. 16, 2011


Dilbert.com relaunches with Web 2.0 flavor

The Web site for the iconic comic strip invites readers to submit their own endings to strips, as well as other interactive elements.

By Apr. 21, 2008


Dilbert today

Dilbert today deals with open source. Check it out.

By Aug. 3, 2007


Apple employee blasts 'worst boss ever' as he quits 'dream job'

A disgruntled Apple employee has broken the Cupertino code of silence to blame the "worst boss ever" for forcing him out of his "dream job."

By Feb. 14, 2014


New app could curb underage drinking by spotting fake IDs

The barZapp app lets users scan licenses from every U.S. state as well as the Canadian provinces with an iPhone.

By Jul. 26, 2013


Google becomes 'evil'

By May. 17, 2006


Windows Phone 7 Challenge: Week 1

After the Android Gingerbread update ruined my Droid X, I agreed to try a Microsoft developer's Windows Phone 7 challenge. If I don't like my new phone (running a Mango developer's build), Microsoft donates $1,000 to charity. This is my Mango story.

By Aug. 8, 2011


Why gadget convergence doesn't happen

The idea that we'll ever have a single handheld device that makes calls flawlessly around the world, doubles doubles as a music player, and triples as a fully functioning computer: a myth.

By Mar. 4, 2009


I'm only here for the blinkenlights

I'm a sucker for anything that lights up, flashes, blinks or glows. The tacky neon of Vegas is fine by me, but what I really, really wanted from CES was one of Logitech's flashing green medallions.

By Jan. 11, 2007


Palm's Treo Pro finds a ever decreasing potential market

Palm is still in business, apparently, but it's new Treo Pro is a phone that perhaps only Zack Urlocker could love.

By Aug. 21, 2008