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Public at last: Apple II DOS code that launched an empire

The Computer History Museum has published the source code for the Apple II DOS. Last spring, CNET was first to report the existence of documents that led to the creation of the code.

By November 12, 2013


The untold story behind Apple's $13,000 operating system

CNET looks at newly surfaced contracts, design specs, and page after page of schematics and code, revealing how Apple created its first disk OS, a chapter of Silicon Valley history critical to its later success.

By April 3, 2013


Walkmac revisited: The inside story of the 'first' portable Mac

A spring cleaning unearths a semi-rare Apple find, the Colby Walkmac, a "modded" portable Macintosh that predates Apple's Macintosh Portable.

By May 30, 2013


A peek back at the history of computing

PC industry veterans, tech enthusiasts, and even a few kids head to the Computer History Museum for the annual Vintage Computer Festival.

By November 3, 2007


CNET Live - Episode 20 - Show Notes

We get smart about cars.

By August 23, 2007


Inside the world's long-lost first microcomputer

Vintage computer historians have long revered the Altair 8800. But an unknown computer project at Sacramento State beat the Altair by three years. CNET got a look at it.

By January 8, 2010


Ed Roberts, creator of early PC, dies

Roberts, whose MITS Altair 8800 is often cited as the original personal computer, died Thursday at age 68.

By April 1, 2010


A printer that shuns computers

Built-in keyboard obviates the need to type text on PC first.

By August 23, 2007


'MacHeads' film to debut at MacWorld

Documentary focusing on the development of the Apple and Mac cultures was shot, in part, at MacWorld 2007.

By December 15, 2008


Are today's Macs related to the Mac Daddy?

After 25 years, is there much remaining of the first Macintoshes in today's much faster, more powerful models?

By January 23, 2009