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The Web at 25: Out of the ashes and onto the Friendster

In part 3 of his four-part series reflecting on a life lived largely on the Web, Crave's Eric Mack recalls fleeing the dot-com bust fallout for Alaska, only to be drawn back to a digital world that was growing up fast.

By March 12, 2014


Digg bought up by Betaworks, will live on alongside News.me

The once-immensely popular social news site has been purchased by New York-based Betaworks, and will live on next to daily news digest service News.me.

By July 12, 2012


Digg rumored to be in buyout talks with the Washington Post

Longtime buyout rumor monger Digg is once again said to be on the auction block, this time in a potential deal with the Washington Post.

By April 30, 2012


Digg launches new algorithm with 'Newsrooms'

As the site hemorrhages users, a new news algorithm attempts to separate "meaningful" stories from those that are merely popular.

By September 20, 2011


.CO Internet is a company cool enough for Brooklyn hipsters

Suddenly, the outfit behind the .co domain is everywhere, even if many people barely notice. It's all part of Juan Diego Calle's shrewd strategy.

By March 12, 2012


Kevin Rose demos Oink: Check-ins for things, not places

Tired of checking into your restaurant? Check into your hamburger instead. Then rate it!

By October 19, 2011


Digg 'killing' the DiggBar, unbanning domains

Digg to do away with its software-free toolbar in upcoming version of site. The news comes within hours of Digg's CEO Jay Adelson stepping down.

By April 6, 2010


'Faster,' 'instant' Digg 2.0 unveiled at SXSW

Digg CEO Jay Adelson surprises the audience by announcing a revamped version of the service with a big slate of new features.

By March 14, 2010


Beatles on iTunes: Goo-goo g'Jobs

The news that the Beatles are on iTunes launched a thousand puns. It's our first Crave alternative headline competition!

By November 16, 2010


A tale of two Diggs

It's clear that the company has to deal with its dual identity as a social-news pioneer struggling to compete with Facebook and Twitter, and a Slashdot-like fanboy hub.

By November 18, 2009