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Digg's new reader (pictures)

We take a look at the updated Digg app for iOS, which comes with a newly integrated RSS reader.

5 Images By June 28, 2013


Digg Reader gets Chrome extension for easy feed signup

An extension eases use of Digg's service for reading Web site content sent over RSS feeds. Also new: an Android app that stays in sync better.

By October 9, 2013


Up close with Digg for Android (pictures)

We take a look at Digg's recently released RSS-capable social news app for Android.

5 Images By September 3, 2013


Digg launches Android app with RSS reader abilities

The software presents top stories from the Digg story-discovery service and subscription feeds on Android devices, heating up the competition in the RSS reader market.

By August 29, 2013


Digg founder posts raccoon-tossing YouTube video

In an attempt to protect his dog, Kevin Rose throws a raccoon from the steps of his home. Then he posts a security-camera video of the mayhem. Was Rose's poodle-defense maneuver heroic? Or should one not toss raccoons?

By July 20, 2013


How to import your Google Reader data to Digg Reader

If you've saved your Google Reader data, you can start importing the data into alternative readers, like Digg Reader.

By July 3, 2013


Digg rolls out 'very much a beta' RSS reader

The web- and iOS-based service, available starting today, is designed for the "Google Reader refugee" just days before the search giant's product shuts down.

By June 26, 2013


Digg Reader launching June 26

The site starts delivering its RSS reader on Web and iOS just before Google kills its service on July 1.

By June 17, 2013


Digg Reader officially named, on track for June launch

Digg says that Reader will not be a separate app, instead the program will be incorporated into Digg.

By May 24, 2013


Digg to release Google Reader replacement beta in June

Digg continues to survey people on what they want in a RSS reader. So far, it looks like the service won't be social or free when it launches.

By April 30, 2013