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Panasonic's new DVD recorders: Diga this

Panasonic's latest Diga DVD recorders are packed to the brim with new features, with near-universal support for HDMI outputs, video upscaling, integrated Freeview tuners and dual-layer recording

By March 15, 2006


New Panasonic DVD recorders sure to disappoint ATSC fans

Panasonic has announced four new DVD-recorders to come out in April, but the feature set isn't as robust as we were hoping for.

By January 9, 2008


Panasonic DMRES15: Dual-layer on a budget

The ES15 is Panasonic's cheapest DVD recorder yet, but it features progressive-scan video and universal disc compatibility, including support for dual (count 'em) layer discs

By March 23, 2006


Panasonic to release Blu-ray recorder

Machine set for Japan debut features Blu-ray Disc technology, a format vying with others to replace today's DVDs.

By June 30, 2004