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MyFitnessPal (Windows Phone)

If you can get past the lackluster design, MyFitnessPal is a must-download if you're watching what you eat.

By Dec. 5, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Dec. 5, 2013

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HTC One Mini

Even with its scaled-down specs, the HTC One Mini is a go-to performer with style to match.

By Aug. 30, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Aug. 30, 2013

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Life-size Dalek wedding cakes exterminate your diet

A wedding party escaped extermination at the plungers of two massive Dalek cakes, instead battling them into delicious surrender.

By Dec. 11, 2013


HTC One Mini: 'Diet' done right

The Mini is a cheaper, still-stunning alternative to HTC's original One.

By Sep. 3, 2013


Kutcher went on Jobs' fruitarian diet, landed in the hospital

Ashton Kutcher reveals that he was so desperate to be like the Apple co-founder that he tried Jobs' dietary habits -- to ill effect.

By Jan. 27, 2013


Put your DVR on an energy diet

DVRs and set-top boxes consume, and waste, a lot of energy. Boosting energy efficiency requires changes in how electronics are designed and what consumers demand from service providers.

By Jun. 27, 2011


Startup puts buildings on energy diet

Retroficiency raises series A round of $3.32 million to build a cloud-based application to automatically assess commercial building energy use and prioritize efficiency projects.

By Nov. 30, 2011


Super Diet Genius app puts superfoods to work

If you've got the willpower, this app has the mega-healthy meal plans for you to follow.

By May. 21, 2012


Amory Lovins: Cars need to go on a diet (video)

Rocky Mountain Institute's chief scientist says he believes that cars would be simpler and cheaper to build if they were made out of ultralight materials like carbon fiber composites.

By Mar. 29, 2012


Rumor: Apple's iOS dock ports headed for a diet

The dock on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod could be getting a big or, rather, little makeover soon, if a new rumor is to be believed.

By Feb. 24, 2012