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One early winner in SOPA protest: Wikipedia

With its 24-hour demonstration in muscle-flexing, Wikipedia demonstrates the political potential of crowdsourcing.

By January 19, 2012

Trade show

Net Fix

The notion of Net neutrality means all Internet traffic gets treated the same. But a deep divide exists on what rules -- if any -- will fuel innovation and protect US consumers.


Want really secure Gmail? Try GPG encryption

If you're a Gmail user spooked by Chinese cyber attacks on Google, here's a way to encrypt your e-mail. Be warned: better security comes at a cost.

By January 14, 2010


Online transaction security: Tips for staying safe

Many people regularly bank and shop online with ease, confident that the millions of transactions that take place each day are secure. Good safeguards are in place, but as the internet is constantly susceptible to new threats, these best practices will help you keep your money and financial information safe.

By June 8, 2009


MD says Net addiction really is a mental illness

All the symptoms of an official brain disorder are there, including withdrawal, growing tolerance for endless gaming and texting, and gadget craving, psychiatrist says.

By March 18, 2008


A rallying cry against cyberbullying

Legislators are writing new laws to protect kids from harassment via the Internet, text messages, or other electronic devices. Net executives are making new pledges to help the cause, too.

By June 7, 2008


Report: Net users picking safer passwords

Average MySpace password has eight characters, expert says. But no password is secure if you fall for a phishing scam.

By December 15, 2006


Blogs turn 10--who's the father?

Blogging has been around for about a decade now--depending on how you define it and whom you ask.

By March 20, 2007


The Web smiley's motto: Grin and bear it

For 25 years, the emoticon has been a mainstay of Internet culture. But are there frowns in its future? Photos: Emoticons for every mood

By March 13, 2007


Cracking the code of teens' IM slang

special feature Want to know what PAW, MOS and CD9 mean? A growing list of Web sites can help parents find out.

By November 14, 2006


Oxford Dictionary talks tech

By August 11, 2005