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Intel Diamondville shuns dual-core

Notebook processor will part ways with Intel's multicore-centric strategy of the last few years.

By February 26, 2008


Intel vs. Nvidia: The tech behind the legal case

The FTC has been looking into whether Intel engaged in anticompetitive behavior against Nvidia. An expert weighs in on the tech behind the case.

By July 16, 2010


More Dell E-series Netbook details leak

Two new systems, called the Dell E and the Dell E Slim.

By June 13, 2008


New minilaptops powered by $44 Intel CPUs

CPUs to be priced very aggressively by Intel

By March 20, 2008


Intel Nettop is all about cost cutting

Company defines the Nettop as a low-cost Internet-centric desktop PC.

By March 12, 2008


Intel chooses 'Atom' name for new chips

The "Atom" moniker will be applied to two ultra-small chips that are expected to be released later this quarter.

By March 2, 2008


Intel's Otellini pledges growth from places new and old

Coming off a shaky forecast for the first quarter, Intel's CEO promised that the chip maker will be in excellent shape over the next two years in both its core markets and new targets.

By March 5, 2008


'Atom' means Intel is serious about smallness

The branding strategy means Intel will aggressively develop and promote silicon for small devices. But this isn't the PC industry.

By March 3, 2008


This week in laptops

Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro updates, new cheap laptops, and mobile component news.

By February 29, 2008


Eeexpansion plans: Asus announces more low-cost Linux products

Asus announces a desktop, an all-in-one PC, and an LCD TV in its Eee line.

By January 31, 2008