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City Police

The City of London Police app provides you with the following useful information: - Maps with points of interest within the City of London (Police...

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What's On?

The "What's On?" app provides you with valuable information about events taking place in the City of Westminster. It offers the following...

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LM Show

The Lord Mayor's Show is the oldest, largest and most popular civic procession in the world. It's 3.5 miles long and nearly 800 years old, and...


This robot could one day work aboard the ISS

A robot being developed for manipulation tasks has demonstrated its ability to perform a complex job in a mock International Space Station scenario.

By October 12, 2015


Don't try shaking this robot ape off your car

This cyber-simian from Germany's DFKI keeps its balance even on a wobbly surface. How long before it starts to walk upright?

By June 24, 2013


EO car explores power-sharing platoons

The research institute is showing off a car designed to test new techniques for linking cars into highway-riding trains. The EO also is unusually adept at steering.

By March 8, 2012


Sweet! Qkies are edible QR codes

German food company comes up with cookies featuring QR codes printed on edible paper. The codes can be scanned to open a link to a Web site, a love note, or even a party invite.

By November 3, 2011


German Fembot AILA: No mouth, but great hair

While she doesn't have legs like our old buddy Asimo, she rolls about on six wheels and can turn in any direction. Think of the possibilities. Roller disco, for a start.

By April 23, 2010


Google backs character-recognition research

Ocropus, an open-source project based in Germany, aims to develop advanced handwriting recognition for e-library creation.

By April 11, 2007