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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea (PC)

The final DLC instalment in the series brings together everything that came before in a fitting farewell.

March 30, 2014

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What Mac to be 'Made in USA'? Maybe Mini, perhaps Pro?

Dueling reports peg the Mini, on the one hand, and the Pro, on the other, as being the Mac involved in Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments about bringing some Mac production back to the states in 2013.

By December 26, 2012


HP's new WebOS chief wants to hit the ground running

HP executive Stephen DeWitt is tasked with breaking into a market dominated by Apple and Google.

By July 12, 2011


Did Apple sell 35 million iPhones last quarter?

Analysts all agree that iPhone sales heated up around the world in the fourth quarter, but estimates how on many units were sold vary by about 10 million, according to those polled by Fortune.

By January 9, 2012


Apple iOS Christmas activations likely beat Android by 1.6 million

At least 4.2 million iOS devices were activated on Christmas compared with about 2.6 million Android devices, according to rough calculations put together by Fortune.

By December 29, 2011


Trailer: BioShock Infinite goes to the next level

Have you ever wanted to visit a city in the clouds? BioShock Infinite takes the popular video game saga out of the sea and into the skies. Watch the trailer now.

By October 22, 2012


HP reshuffles WebOS management

Company names HP veteran Stephen DeWitt to lead WebOS business. Jon Rubinstein will now work on ensuring WebOS will work across HP's many products.

By July 11, 2011


Bragging rights go to Apple as per-share price now tops Google

For the first time, it now costs more to buy a share of Apple than to buy a share of Google.

By April 5, 2012


Welcome to 'contrarian Monday,' Apple fans

The Apple rumor mill gets gobsmacked (and we are grateful), while a noted analyst pours cold water on the inevitability of "iTV."

By May 14, 2012


iPhone 4S preorders in Hong Kong sell out in 10 minutes

According to initial reports, Apple's stock of iPhone 4S allocated for preorders in Hong Kong sold out in 10 minutes. Apple began the preordering Friday in China and 14 other countries.

By November 7, 2011