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How to determine if the new iPhones will fit in your pocket

Trying to decide which of the new iPhones will fit into your hands, purse, or pocket? Here's an easy way to find out.

By September 10, 2014


'Ultrasound of stellar embryos' determines age of stars

You can find out how old a baby star is simply by listening to it, say researchers at Europe's KU Leuven.

By July 7, 2014


How to determine if your Mac's hard drive is failing

There are various ways you can see if your Mac's drive is on its way out.

By April 8, 2014


Tech novices set to determine the fate of Apple v. Samsung

Six women and four men -- few of whom have technical backgrounds -- will decide what infringement occurred and how much money is owed in damages.

By March 31, 2014


Dog tail-wagging takes sides, scientists determine

Sometimes a tail wag isn't just a tail wag. A study delves into the meaning behind the direction dogs wag their tails.

By November 1, 2013


RideNerd determines greenest car

Tesla Model S or Audi A7? Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf? New Web site RideNerd lets you compare cars to find out which are the least harmful to the environment.

By September 17, 2013


You got game? Hoop Tracker will determine that for you

The smartwatch logs your basketball shot percentages and encourages you to shoot for improvement.

By August 27, 2013


SpaceX still determining cause of Falcon 9 engine failure

SpaceX engineers are reviewing telemetry to figure out what caused a dramatic first stage engine failure Sunday night during an otherwise successful launch of a commercially developed cargo ship on the company's first operational flight to the International Space Station.

By October 8, 2012


How to determine the right prices when selling on eBay

Trying to figure out the right price point for an item you want to sell can be difficult. Here's a quick way to determine a good price without doing much work at all.

By August 24, 2012


Brain scan might determine your age within a year

Scientists are using structural MRIs on hundreds of people ages 3 to 20 to assess age. More than 92 percent of the time, it turns out, those scans don't lie.

By August 16, 2012