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Pokemon Go team leaders' names revealed, Eevee evolution trick confirmed

Joining Team Mystic, Instinct or Valor? Then meet Blanche, Spark or Candela respectively, introduced at San Diego Comic-Con.

By July 24, 2016


Pokemon Go websites, apps for finding Pokestops, rares, gyms and more

No need to guess. These apps and sites can help you with every aspect of Pokemon Go.

By July 27, 2016


Alexa's new skill lets her put your home on lockdown

Say the word, and your Amazon Echo will lock your August Smart Lock.

By July 28, 2016


Google Maps gets cleaner look, areas of interest

Items on Maps are now easily identified and areas of interest are now added via a shade of orange.

By July 25, 2016


More details on Crackdown 3's delay

Microsoft Studios boss reveals the game's campaign needs more work before everyone gets to play it.

By July 18, 2016


Sprint finally starts to turn heads, but at a hefty cost

The embattled carrier sees its losses widen even as it manages to pull in tens of thousands of new high-value customers.

By July 25, 2016


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 detailed on benchmark sites

The features of Samsung's next big-screen phone are surfacing. However, some of the specs on the two sites don't jibe with each other.

By July 7, 2016


UK report details police data breaches, including suspect tip-offs

The report reveals more than 2,300 data breaches by police staff over a five-year period in the UK, just as the government is trying to expand data-gathering.

By July 6, 2016


New Watch Dogs 2 details officially revealed, release date confirmed

Watch Dogs 2 is focused on making a "fully hackable world," with a new protagonist, new setting, and an abundance of new ways to mold your environment.

By June 8, 2016


Mafia 3 Collector's Edition detailed, Mafia 2 re-releasing on Steam with huge discount

Get all the details on the crime game's $150 version right here. 2010's Mafia II discounted 80 percent.

By June 1, 2016