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Migration Assistant creates a group instead of the desired account

Users who have used Migration Assistant after either upgrading their hard drives or purchasing new computers may run into a problem in which transfered accounts appear as groups and users are not able to log in.

By August 7, 2008


Readers reveal their iPod habits, desires

More than 4,000 people responded to our iPod survey on what people are using, whether they've flirted with the competition, and what they want next.

By May 6, 2008


LG Venus could be your fire, at your desire

LG Venus in pictures

By November 20, 2007


Facebook denies desires to buy Chinese social network

Company says "no acquisition of any company in China is being considered by Facebook," countering a report in The Times about a potential Zhanzuo buy.

By November 19, 2007


Apple selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

The price is steep, but Apple is giving consumers in this tiny Chinese territory the option of choosing any carrier they so desire.

By September 27, 2008


How-to: Remove the MobileMe menus and settings

Apple provides pre-installed support for MobileMe in OS X. However, some who have not subscribed to this service have expressed desire to remove various MobileMe settings and icons.

By September 25, 2008


My unrequited love affair with the Sony NWZ-S638 Walkman

An ode to the unavailable Sony NWZ-S638 Walkman, by Jasmine France.

By October 2, 2008


Cowon's Curves seek your Touch

Korean company Cowon's upcoming Curve touchscreen MP3 player is set to take on the iPod Touch this holiday season.

By October 1, 2008


Ubuntu misses Stallman's cloud-computing rant

When choosing an IT system, you don't choose what will be most profitable for your vendor. You choose what works, and SaaS and open source "just work."

By October 1, 2008


Microsoft finally acknowledges that open source is mainstream

Microsoft may have finally acknowledged that open source is mainstream. About time.

By September 30, 2008