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Best tablets of 2014

CNET editors round up their favorite tablets, including products from Apple, Samsung, and Google.


Microsoft Surface

If you're an early adopter willing to forget everything you know about navigating a computer, the Surface tablet could replace your laptop. Everyone else: wait for more apps.

October 23, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 23, 2012

Has Facebook morphed from innovator to serial copycat?

Facebook, and the entire tech industry, continue to innovate, mostly via new twists on existing technologies and features, combined with luck and perseverance.

By June 25, 2013


Small products, big innovation: The dawn of a nano age?

Nano is the new big. Ecoconcerns, design savvy, and practicality have driven the trend toward small, specialized automobiles.

By January 12, 2008


Time for marketing innovation 2.0

While Pepsi, one of the world's foremost consumer brands, has acknowledged the signs of the times and is making the transition away from one-to-many mass-marketing to social marketing with meaning, marketing theory is struggling to catch up.

By December 27, 2009


Apple and the peril of innovation

Although the reasons Apple is dropping out of Macworld may be many, the pressure to send shock waves through the industry for scheduled trade shows is likely the central one.

By December 17, 2008


Innovation 1-on-1: Manoj Kothari, Onio Design

The first in a series of interviews with innovation thought leaders: We spoke with Manoj Kothari, founder and managing director of Onio Design, one of the leading design and innovation consultancies in India.

By February 11, 2008


Innovation 1-on-1: Willem Boijens

In this installment, Willem Boijens, Senior User Experience Manager at Vodafone in Dusseldorf, Germany, takes on our questions. Willem has had a wide variety of roles at Vodafone and has seen the large wireless services company from many angles. In his cu

By February 15, 2008


Innovation 1-on-1: Brooks Protzmann, Dell

This installment of thoughts on innovation comes from Brooks Protzmann. Brooks is the Manager of Visual Identity and the Brand Experience team as part of the Experience Design Group at Dell Inc. in Austin, Texas. He is responsible for the product-focused

By March 13, 2008


The hero of the week's big tech confab: Steve Jobs

At All Things D's big D10 tech conference, the intensity and innovation of Steve Jobs still reverberates from his six appearances at the show in years past.

By June 1, 2012


Imagine Apple with an MBA at top, no Steve Jobs

Apple would probably cease to exist if it was run by a cutthroat MBA texbook-thumping executive. Innovation and product risk-taking just isn't in their DNA.

By July 16, 2011