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Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and deregulation

Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and AT&T.

By January 17, 2007


Google to AU Govt: piracy is down to pricing, availability

In a submission to the Australian Government, Google has said that harsh regulation is not the solution to piracy, which is the result of poor "availability and pricing".

By March 10, 2014


AAPT claims it should be exempt from the TIO Scheme

In a submission to the Department of Communications, telco AAPT has asked the government to make it exempt from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman scheme.

By March 10, 2014


Where Google spends its PAC money on Capitol Hill

Commentary: The company's push to gain influence in Washington increases as its Political Action Committee has spent nearly half a million dollars for 2012. You may be surprised by some of the recipients.

By August 22, 2012


Enron Hubbard

By June 16, 2004


Government control of Net is always a bad idea

Whether it's the California Public Utilities Commission or the United Nations, traditional governments are ill-suited to regulate the Internet.

By June 4, 2012


GreenWave sails into crowded home energy scene

Stepping into a busy corner of the smart grid, GreenWave Reality introduces a consumer suite of energy management tools currently being tested in Europe.

By June 15, 2010


Technology Voter Guide 2008: Ralph Nader

The independent presidential candidate says the FISA Amendments Act sets up a double standard of justice. And his favorite gadget: "Typewriter!"

By October 31, 2008


Green in the boardroom: the environment tops utilities execs' concerns

Environmental issues and carbon regulations top the list of what worries boards at energy utilities, as awareness of climate change grows.

By April 9, 2008


Green news harvest: New Jersey utility to go solar

New Jersey utility PSG&E proposes investing millions in solar power to help meet its renewable energy mandate, while President Obama defends energy efficiency in stimulus package.

By February 10, 2009