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Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and deregulation

Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and AT&T.

By January 17, 2007


New FCC chairman bullish on deregulation

Kevin Martin tells cable execs that the commission wants to minimize regulation--but it also wants fewer indecency complaints.

By April 5, 2005


FCC further deregulates Net calls

States are now barred from imposing telecommunications regulations on Net phone providers.

By November 9, 2004


Verizon exemption could make businesses pay

Broadband deregulation could cause higher prices for Verizon's business customers and eliminate competition, say critics.

By March 22, 2006


Why airwaves should be deregulated

Economists Thomas Hazlett and Gregory Rosston warn that a Washington, D.C., bureaucratic fiasco in the works will have dire consequences for telecommunications customers.

February 11, 2004


This week in the FCC

FCC's new chairman says he will favor deregulation to foster change in the telecom industry and will make media indecency a high priority.

By April 8, 2005


Deregulation would be bad for consumers

A News.com reader is surprised that the CEO of a group that claims it "believes individual liberty and the freedom to compete increases consumer choices" supports broadband deregulation.

May 8, 2002


Short Take: Arizona, Feds square off over deregulation

Arizona regulators voted yesterday to remove in-state restrictions barring US West from handling long distance voice and data traffic within state boundaries. But the decision may not have long to stand--the Federal Communications Commission said two years ago that states can't lift these federally mandated restrictions, and that it has the power to penalize US West if the company violates the federal rules. AT&T, MCI WorldCom and other long-distance competitors are expected to appeal to federal court or to the FCC.

By May 12, 1999


AT&T chief challenges shifts at FCC, Capitol Hill

C. Michael Armstrong comes to Washington to ask federal regulators to more aggressively enforce regulations on Baby Bells, just a day after the FCC chairman touted deregulation.

February 7, 2001


High-tech bigwigs lobby Bush

Twelve high-tech executives have written President Bush urging an aggressive technology agenda. Intel Chairman Andy Grove, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer and other Business Software Alliance (BSA) members urged the president to support strong worldwide copy protection for computer software, deregulation of global markets for technology, and the continuation of the H-1B visa program for foreign high-tech workers until U.S. schools can produce more homegrown workers. Several high-tech executives, including new BSA member and Dell founder Michael Dell, are meeting with Bush on Thursday to review high-tech policy matters. Dell was a strong backer and technology advisor of Bush during the presidential campaign last year.

February 7, 2001