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Banger racing (destruction derby) proves that motorsport doesn't have to be expensive

Everyone with a drop of petrol in their veins fancies their chances as a racing driver, right? Well, one way to get your racing kicks is to try banger racing (destruction derby). So we had a go.

By August 9, 2013


Smash Cops for iOS: A law-enforcement demolition derby

In this unique top-down racer, it's your job to chase down the criminals and ram them into oblivion. And no paperwork to file after!

By January 24, 2012


LG Optimus 3D vs Nintendo 3DS in 3D display destruction derby

The LG Optimus 3D is the world's first 3D smart phone, while the Nintendo 3DS is the first 3D games console. But which one is set to deliver a better three-dimensional experience?

By February 16, 2011


After a rocky start, Honda's CR-Z joins U.S. hybrid derby

Automotive news reports on how Honda developed the hybrid CR-Z sports car.

By March 10, 2010


Bright Automotive to enter electric-car derby

Stealthy start-up is bringing the mantra of fuel efficiency to plug-in electric-vehicle design by focusing on lighter materials and aerodynamics.

By February 23, 2009


Off-topic: Arsenal 5, Derby County 0

This is the best Arsenal team in many years.

By September 22, 2007


Dyson employees hack vacuums, hit the racetrack

Company engineers call each other out on the carpet for a Pinewood Derby-like challenge to see who can create the baddest race car using vacuum parts.

By April 19, 2012


Photos: NASA's moonbuggy stakes

The annual Great Moonbuggy Race is a kind of soapbox derby for lunar-minded engineers. Completing the competition, however, is no walk in the park.

By April 6, 2009


Concept car or baby rattle?

Quick-Silver derby car from ID-One wins at IDSA

By November 17, 2006


Dialed In 160: We're a Triple Crown contender!

It's yet another busy week in the mobile world, with the Google launch of the Android Market web store, a preview of a 3D smartphone from LG, and a couple of 4G phones from T-Mobile and AT&T. Oh, and apparently we're a Triple Crown contender in the Kentucky Derby! Sort of.

By February 2, 2011