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Android's Jelly Bean aims to be hard to hack

Google's latest Android mobile OS comes with features to divert hackers from installing malware that leads to information leakage, buffer overflows, and memory vulnerabilities.

By Jul. 17, 2012


Researchers win $100,000 for Chrome hack that leaves Windows vulnerable

Researchers from MWR Labs find a way to exploit a Chrome vulnerability, sidestep Windows 7 safety measures, and do whatever they want on the operating system.

By Mar. 7, 2013


Microsoft defends IE8 following hacking contest

Microsoft stands behind the security and privacy of Internet Explorer 8 following a hacking contest that was able to exploit certain vulnerabilities in the browser.

By Mar. 29, 2010


Don't text while walking? Girl learns the hard way

A 15-year-old Staten Island girl drops into open manhole while texting. Who's to blame? The girl, the city, or the parents now intent on suing?

By Jul. 13, 2009


French researchers demo attack on Chrome

Security experts say they were able to bypass several security measures in Chrome running on Windows.

By May. 9, 2011


New zero-day vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash Player

Something similar to the zero-day exploit recently discovered in Adobe's Reader and Acrobat tools has been found for its Flash Player as well.

By Dec. 9, 2011


Nick Kristof live-tweets his Bahrain visa crisis

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof flew to Bahrain and found himself unable to enter the country. So he decided to live-tweet his adventure.

By Dec. 17, 2012


Virtual PC hole could lead to attacks, security firm says

Microsoft is downplaying the problem, but Core Security says the vulnerability could allow an attacker to bypass security defenses to compromise virtualized Windows systems.

By Mar. 16, 2010


Microsoft to issue IE patch for Google attack flaw

Company will issue an out-of-cycle patch for the flaws thought to have been used in cyberattacks against U.S. companies.

By Jan. 19, 2010


Microsoft issues critical patch for Windows 7, Vista users

Microsoft issues light Patch Tuesday, with just one critical patch.

By Jul. 12, 2011