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Denso camera tech detects distracted walking

At Nvidia's developer conference last week, auto supplier Denso showed image-processing tech that can tell if you are staring at your phone.

By March 31, 2014


London to NYC in an hour with this Airbus rocket jet concept (Tomorrow Daily 221)

A new Airbus patent recently approved by the USPTO describes a jetliner that could travel at hypersonic speeds without disturbances from sonic booms, thanks to rocket-powered vertical acceleration. It's faster than the Concorde was, which means future flights won't likely be cheap.

By August 5, 2015


Toyota improves semiconductor tech in hybrids, 10 percent mpg gains

By reducing energy use in its hybrid cars' power control units, Toyota claims it can increase fuel economy by 10 percent.

By May 20, 2014


Robot makers index fund launches on Nasdaq

Robo-Stox is a newly launched index that tracks robotics and automation companies, making it easier to invest in the industry.

By October 22, 2013


Denso's lightweight starter debuts in the Suzuki MR Wagon

Denso has developed one of the world's lightest starters for small, compact vehicles. The 40 percent-lighter motor just launched in Japan.

By January 31, 2011


Denso's dashboard watches for drowsy drivers

At this year's Detroit auto show, Denso showed off a concept dashboard that merged robotics, a smartphone app, and traffic infrastructure integration.

By January 10, 2011


Denso Resonance sat-nav steers to best deals on Twitter

First Twitter invaded our computers, then our smart phones, and in a few years, Denso wants it to take control of our cars.

4 Images By September 19, 2011


Denso concept dashboard (photos)

Denso, supplier of components for a variety of automakers, displayed a concept for a futuristic dashboard at the 2011 Detroit auto show.

7 Images By January 10, 2011


Deal may hint at Denso move to open systems

Automotive News reports on a deal between Microsoft and Denso to share automotive infotainment technology.

By July 27, 2010


Feds will test data exchange between cars

Toyota affiliate Denso International America, Inc. showed off its "talking car" technologies to reporters in suburban Detroit.

By August 23, 2011