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Sony hits all the PlayStation 4 high notes at E3 2014

At its E3 evening press conference, Sony strikes hard on all its strengths with unexpected game reveals and updates on its numerous ongoing projects.

By June 9, 2014


Game trailer: Dark Souls

The follow up to 2009's Demon's Souls offers another unforgiving tale of epic combat, vast dungeons, and a brand new world to explore.

October 7, 2011


Is Dark Souls too hard?

The follow-up to 2009's Demon's Souls offers another unforgiving tale of epic combat, vast dungeons, and a brand-new world to explore. But is it too difficult for mainstream gamers?

By October 7, 2011


Taking the easy road

The easy setting is ruining video games, said Assassin's Creed III's lead designer Alex Hutchinson.

By September 4, 2012


Wii vs PlayStation 3 in Greatest Gadget fight: A calamitous console clash

This week the Wii squares off against the PS3 in our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century Tournament. Luke rushes to the defence of the Wii, while GameSpot UK's Mark Walton backs Sony's machine...

By November 18, 2010


Digital City 64: the big CES preview

We go over the latest previews, leaks, and rumors from CES.

By January 4, 2010


Gamespot's Game of the Year is ... not available in Australia

After a tough year for lovers of electronic gaming down under, Gamespot in the US has announced its overall Game of the Year, and it wasn't even released in Australia.

By December 28, 2009


List of 10 games not kid-friendly shocks no one

Straight from the No-Brainer Department comes a list of games that parents should not buy their children this holiday season. The New York Times has republished a collection of 10 titles deemed totally uncool for kids to play by the media watchdog group

By December 7, 2009


The 5 best (and worst) game preorder trends

Retailers love customers who preorder games, and they're working harder and harder to come up with gift items to offer to those who do.

By October 9, 2009