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Rush Limbaugh: Apple is Republicans, Google is Democrats

In a scholarly analysis of tech blogging, the great Republican commentator offers that 9 out of 10 blogs hate Apple. Because Apple is like the Republican Party. Oddly, though, Limbaugh last year was himself mad at Apple.

By Aug. 4, 2013


Democrats to employers: Stop asking for Facebook passwords

The Password Protection Act of 2012 would make it illegal for employers to force current or potential employees to hand over access to their social network accounts.

By May. 10, 2012


House Democrats rally for AT&T, T-Mobile with letter to Obama

Some members of Congress are banding together to ask President Obama to settle the AT&T and T-Mobile merger lawsuit once and for all.

By Sep. 15, 2011


Senior Democrats rebuke TSA over screening rules

Two committee chairmen ask TSA to "reconsider" new screening procedures, but the agency refuses, saying they're necessary to detect "hidden and dangerous items."

By Nov. 19, 2010


Senate Democrats back TSA 'virtual strip searches'

Senate hearing turns sharply partisan, with Democrats claiming that the TSA is doing "a terrific job" and a Republican saying, "I wouldn't want my wife to be touched" that way.

By Nov. 17, 2010


Democrats push for FCC power over Internet

Google-Verizon proposal for limited Net neutrality rules doesn't allow for sufficient regulation, Rep. Ed Markey and three other House members claim.

By Aug. 17, 2010


Democrats delay climate fight until fall

Delay gives senators a small window to advance the complex legislation amid intense political pressure in weeks before the November elections.

By Jul. 22, 2010


Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes

House Democrats try to force online retailers like Amazon to collect sales taxes for out-of-state purchases, saying $23 billion in new taxes could be raised.

By Jul. 2, 2010


Democrats' split over Net neutrality widens

Bill Clinton's old group, the Democratic Leadership Council, says "no" to the Democrat-controlled FCC's plan to regulate broadband.

By May. 25, 2010


Democrats: Twitter, text, or telephone?

How are the Democratic delegates getting out their party's message while at the Democratic National Convention? Are they texting like Obama? Social networking on Twitter or Facebook? Or relying on the old standards: phone and e-mail? CNET's Kara Tsuboi wanders Denver's Pepsi Center to find out.

By Aug. 29, 2008